According to Krediidiinfo AS ( Navigaator gets AA (very good) Certificate as a result of each year’s financial report.

Our annual sales exceed 10 000 metric tons.

We have more than 15 years of work experience in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

We supply our customers with dairy products of different quality and quantity from all over the world. We can offer more than 100 dairy brands from European Union, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, South America and Oceania.

Navigaator’s employees are very much aware of what is successful organizational culture of the company.

Working collective atmosphere is very friendly, warm, is ready to mutual aid and is just nice to be in. Employees know for sure that ability to work in groups, fast information interchange, mobility, mutual aid, understanding and availability are very important. The success, quality and organisation progress depends on these qualities.

The good microclimate in the organisation also motivates people. There are no chiefs and subordinates in the company, relations between workers and the heads are more like between friends, than between colleagues. It creates certain working atmosphere, and also motivates workers of the organisation. Problems and difficulties of workers are perceived by the company heads as own. The heads use the best efforts to try to decide them.